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Product Name: Kindergarten special color pvc wpc wall panels
Material :

Detailed introduction

Kindergarten wallboard
Waterproof and flame retardant, green and environmentally friendly, easy to install, beautiful and beautiful
Simple lines that stand the test of time
Elegant, simple, not too much decorative lines, the simpler and more durable.

Product parameters:
Product Name: Kindergarten wallboard
Product brand: Hemu Jiamei
Product material: bamboo fiber
Product size: a variety of specifications can be customized
Product color: multi-color optional reference color card below
Product features: bamboo wood fiber environmental protection materials, flame retardant moisture, noise reduction, etc.
Scope of application: widely used in home improvement, store decoration, KTV, hotels and other places
Production cycle: the next day delivery under sufficient conditions, custom production 3-7 days delivery time 3-10 days.

Bamboo wood fiber environmental protection material, flame retardant and moisture proof
Good stability and not easy to deform
Time saving, fast and fast installation
High strength and good water resistance
The board is flat and the cuts are neat
Product Name:  WPC integrated Wall Panel
  Material:  PVC and Wood Powder Composite 
  Size:  300*9mm (wide*height)
  Color: wooden,wall paper etc,more than 100 designs.
  Surface Finish Ways:  Extrusion directly, Wood grains transfer, Laminated, Embossed,etc
  Water absorption:  Less than 1%,waterproof
  Flame- retardant level:  B1 grade
  Application:  Office,apartement,private house,villa,Hotel, hospital,restaurant,super   market,shopping mall,etc interior decoration
  Installation:  Interlocking,Fast,easy and low installing cost
  Service Life:  30years(Indoor)
  Delivery Time:  10-15days.
  Samples:  Free


Integrated WPC wall panel Series Size:

Item name  Size (wide*height)/mm
300mm  300*9
400mm  400*9
600mm  600*9

color pvc wpc wall panels 

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