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600v seam slab
date:2018-10-10 10:20

600V seam slab bamboo fiber integrated wall panel
Waterproof and flame retardant Green and environmentally friendly Installation, beautiful and beautiful

Product parameters:
Product Name: 600V seam board bamboo fiber integrated wall board
Product brand: Hemu Jiamei
Product material: bamboo fiber
Product size: a variety of specifications can be customized
Product color: multi-color optional reference color card below
Product features: bamboo wood fiber environmental protection materials, flame retardant moisture, noise reduction, etc.
Scope of application: widely used in home improvement, store decoration, KTV, hotels and other places
Production cycle: the next day delivery under sufficient conditions, custom production 3-7 days delivery time 3-10 days

Bamboo wood fiber environmental protection material, flame retardant and moisture proof
Good stability and not easy to deform
Time saving, fast and fast installation
High strength and good water resistance
600V seam large board, easy to install

Show details
1. Clear texture: environmentally friendly raw materials, coated film and bottom plate are decorated with advanced environmentally friendly bonding technology, free of paint process, green and healthy.

2. Stable and durable: waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosive and easy to scrub, can be used for a long time in the environment with large changes in climate, without deterioration, embrittlement and performance.

3. Quick installation: It can be directly used for rough wall construction, paint pollution, no need to impose strict requirements on the decorative environment, and save costs.

4.V-type seamless splicing: sub-slot mother groove splicing lifting and locking force, strong bite force, no need for accessories for the interface, greatly saving installation time, seamless splicing, overall effect is beautiful and durable.

5. Bamboo fiber: There are grooves on the back, which can be directly mounted on the wall using stainless steel locking pieces, or can be installed using wooden keels.

Construction procedures and requirements
Keep the wall clean:
Before installation, the wall surface should be clean, dry and flat, and the height of the elastic line should be leveled;
In order to adapt to the local climatic conditions, after the wainscoting is unpacked and packaged,
Place it on site for at least 48 hours before installing.
Design the dimensions in advance:
Before installation, you should first find the first piece of the plate and try it out once.
After being adjusted, it will be officially nailed.
Avoid the pattern of the surface layer, the color is not uniform, the edges and corners are not straight, the size is wrong, the surface is not flat,
Black lines and seams are not tight at the seams.

1. Measurement of product size There may be errors due to factors such as production batches, tools, and operators.
2, due to shooting, display and light, etc. Product images may appear in different degrees of subtle chromatic aberration on different displays, are normal, the actual color should be subject to the actual object.

About Logistics:
     Linyi City is located in the southeastern part of Shandong Province. It enjoys an advantageous geographical location. It meets the north and the south, and has a combination of national and provincial roads. It is connected to Linyi by various national highways and provincial highways. With the three-dimensional transportation network extending in all directions, on August 10, 2011, the China Communications and Transportation Association officially awarded Shandong. Linyi City, the "China Logistics Capital" title.
     At present, Linyi has 13 large-scale logistics parks, covering an area of more than 1.2 million square meters, with more than 16,000 transportation vehicles, and a logistics network covering 1800 county-level Internet access points. Linyi has become a rich cargo distribution center in Lunan and northern Jiangsu. Basically realized the full coverage of the country, and cultivated a number of well-known logistics enterprises with large scale and high grade, such as Rongqing, Tianyuan, Lichen, Jinlan, Anxin and Huapike.

Buyers notice:
1, about the color difference:
    Due to shooting, display, and light, etc., the product image may have different degrees of subtle chromatic aberration on different displays. This is normal. The actual color should be subject to the actual product.
2, about the order:
    Please contact the online customer service to confirm whether there is any goods, and confirm the delivery address and negotiate the delivery details. I hope that you can fill in the complete and accurate receipt information on the webpage after the photo is taken, avoiding modification, thank you!
3, on the delivery:
    The actual delivery time is subject to the time agreed by both parties.
4. Transportation costs:
    Generally, logistics transportation is adopted. Due to the different distances, the actual freight will be negotiated with you before purchase. The actual freight will be charged differently according to the delivery area. Please contact online customer service or telephone for specific cost issues.
5. About after sales:
    Before the goods are shipped, they are strictly tested. The small flaws are not quality problems, and they do not affect the use of the products. I hope to understand them.
    The products sold by our company have undergone strict quality inspection process before delivery to ensure product quality. Please check carefully before receiving the goods. If you have any problems, please contact us in time.
    In case of product quality problems, please provide product pictures to our online customer service. After confirming the problem, we are responsible for returning the goods, and the freight is borne by us. For the return of non-quality problems, the buyer must bear the freight, please understand.
6. About the evaluation:
    Your encouragement and pertinent evaluation are the driving force for us to advance. We appreciate the encouragement and support of our parents.
    After receiving the goods, if you are satisfied with the quality and service of our products, we hope to get your encouragement. If you have any questions, I hope you can contact us first, we will give you a satisfactory solution. .
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