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Great Wall
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The Great Wall 150A
date:2018-09-20 10:40

Bamboo wood fiber ecological the Great Wall plate
Product parameters:
Product Name: bamboo wood fiber ecological the Great Wall panel
Product brand:  YijiaLvchen
Product material: bamboo and wood fiber, pvc etc 
Product specification: the Great Wall 150A
Product size: various specifications can be customized.
Product color: more for you to make choice.
Scope of application: Widely used in home decoration, shop decoration, construction, outdoor billboards, etc. (inside and outside walls, indoor ceiling)

Product features
Natural and beautiful appearance
Good stability and no deformation.
Sound insulation, insulation and oil stain resistance
Installation saves time, effort and speed.
High strength and good water resistance.
Detail display
1. Smooth surface: cross-sectional cutting square neat, smooth surface without burrs, smooth and orderly, fine workmanship.

2. Stable and durable: waterproof, damp-proof, anti-corrosion, insect-proof and easy to scrub. It can be used for a long time in the environment with changeable climate, without deterioration, brittleness and deterioration of performance.

3. Convenient splicing: When mounting, the sub-groove and the master groove between the board and the board can be seamlessly scratched. It can be cut, sawed and spliced. No other auxiliary accessories are needed. It can be installed immediately.

4. concave convex groove design: solid square concave convex slot design, easy to install, exquisite, good decoration.

5. art decoration: various patterns, different styles and designs, more atmosphere and elegant atmosphere. It can also be customized to meet individual needs according to users' requirements.

Matters needing attention:
1, the measurement of product size will be error due to the factors of production batch, tool and operator.
2. The product pictures may appear different degrees of subtle color difference in different displays due to shooting, display and light, which belong to normal conditions. The actual color should be received in kind.
About Logistics:
Linyi City is located in the southeast of Shandong Province. It is located in the southeast of Shandong Province. It has an advantageous geographical position. It meets the north and the south. Many national highways and provincial highways connect Linyi. With the three-dimensional transportation network, on August 10, 2011, the China Transportation Association officially awarded Linyi City the title of "China Logistics Capital" in Shandong Province.
At present, Linyi has 13 large-scale logistics parks, covering an area of more than 1.2 million square meters, more than 16,000 transport vehicles, and the logistics network covers 1800 county-level or above outlets. Linyi has become a rich cargo distributing center in southern Shandong and Northern Jiangsu. We have basically achieved full coverage in China and nurtured a number of large-scale and high-grade well-known logistics enterprises such as Rongqing, Tianyuan, Lichen, Jinlan, Anxin and Huapaike.
Buyer's instructions:
1. About chromatic aberration:
Due to shooting, display and light and other reasons, product pictures in different display may appear to varying degrees of subtle color difference, are normal, the actual color should be received in kind.
2, about the order:
Please contact the online customer service to confirm whether there is any goods, and confirm the receiving address and consult the shipping details. Hope you can fill in the complete and accurate receiving information on the web page after taking pictures, avoid modifying, thank you!
3. About shipment:
The actual delivery time shall be determined according to the agreed time between the parties.
4, transport costs:
Generally, we use logistics transportation, because the distance is different, the actual freight will be negotiated with you before the purchase, the actual freight charged according to different areas of service different fees. For specific expenses, please contact online customer service or telephone.
5, about after-sale:
The goods are strictly inspected before shipment. The minor defects do not belong to the quality problem and do not affect the use effect. I hope to understand.
The products sold by our company have gone through strict quality inspection process before delivery to ensure the quality of the products. Please check carefully before receiving the goods. If you have any problems, please contact us in time.
In case of product quality problems, please provide product pictures to our online customer service. After confirming the problem, we will be responsible for returning the goods, and the freight charges will be borne by us. Non quality problems arising from the return, the buyer must bear the freight, please understand.
6, about evaluation:
Your encouragement and pertinent evaluation are the driving force for our progress. We appreciate your encouragement and support.
After receiving the goods, if we are satisfied with the quality and service of our products, we hope to get your encouragement. If there are any problems, we hope you contact us first, we will give you a satisfactory solution.


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